Photo provided by Peter DavisPeter Davis writes, draws, and makes music in Muncie, Indiana. His books of poetry are TINA (Bloof Books, 2013), Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! (Bloof Books, 2010), and Hitler’s Mustache (Barnwood Press, 2006). He edited Poet’s Bookshelf: Contemporary Poets on Books That Shaped Their Art (2005) and co-edited a second volume, Poet’s Bookshelf II (2008). His poems have appeared in such places as Jacket, La Petite Zine, Court Green, Rattle, and The Best American Poetry. He lives with his lovely wife and two lovely children, and teaches at Ball State University. More info at artisnecessary.com.

Peter Davis reads “Emily Dickinson,” then talks about the process of animating his poem.


[“Emily Dickinson” appears in Tina (Bloof Books, 2013).]


Animation Prompt: Create a short video in which you animate one of your poems (it could also be a slideshow of graphics or a video–work within your skill set).

Writing Prompt: Write a poem to or about a poet you admire.




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