The PS Logo was created by Katherine “Kat” Greene, 2015.

The Poets Studio is a collection of poets’ discussions about how and why they created poems they’ve written. These insights help writers consider how elements of craft, from alliteration to tone, may be manipulated in different ways to produce many effects in poems. It’s The Poets Studio’s goal to encourage both conversation about poetry and experimentation when we sit down to write.

When we talk about the decisions we make when we write a poem, we can learn about our own poetry as well as others’, adding to what Ted Kooser calls our “tool box.” It is our hope that the models presented in this studio inspire questions about craft and new poems.



Interested in submitting a video?

If you have published a poem that you’d like to talk about in a short video, please email Liz Whiteacre at liz.whiteacre@gmail.com to inquire about what materials you’d need to submit. Please use the subject line: The Poets Studio.



Photo provided by Liz WhiteacreLiz Whiteacre teaches writing at the University of Indianapolis. She is the author of Hit the Ground (Finishing Line Press) and co-editor of the anthology Monday Coffee & Other Stories of Mothering Children with Special Needs (INwords Press). Her poems have appeared in Wordgathering, Disability Studies Quarterly, The Healing Muse, Breath and Shadow, and other magazines. She was inspired to create this site for an online poetry writing at Ball State University.






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